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Therapy is not just talking or getting an expert to give you advice. It is a research-based set of strategies and techniques that can lead to significant improvement in your life. In fact, many years of research have demonstrated that 75-80% of people who enter therapy benefit from it (Wampold, 2001). It is rare that we get an opportunity with such good odds of success in our lives.


Therapy involves a series of steps including:

  • Assessment
  • Form a collaborative treatment plan with specific goals
  • Gain insight into underlying causes
  • Learn new strategies and techniques
  • Measure progress


I have a collaborative approach. I use my training and expertise to help guide you to identify problems, understand underlying causes that contribute to symptoms or issues, develop solutions to the problems, and facilitate change. I primarily practice from a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy perspective. I address thinking habits, behavior patterns, and emotional regulation skills to better understand symptoms and learn additional strategies to manage them. I also use an existential approach that allows a space to safely discuss purpose, meaning, fears, and existential conflicts. If you are ready and motivated to gain insight about yourself and want to learn new strategies, then call to set up your appointment. You may also call to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation.


I am open to and have experience working with individuals from many backgrounds including LGBTQ, ethnic minorities, men, women, religious, and secular.